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We are so excited to be releasing a new single for our new all female group, "Nonetheless" featuring Kelly Montijo Fink (Apache) and yours truly.  Join us on Friday, May 1 at 7 pm for the YouTube premier!

h love to all our relations!


What Is The Value Of A Story? 

Everywhere we look these days people using story.   We've coined the terms, "Change The Story", 

"Tell Your Story", "Find Your Story", "Share The Story" etc.     This excites me as Story Song Productions has been all about story for over a decade now.   It started for me back in 2005, when I began to hear stories from a native village in northern BC, and reflected how Canada would could be such a better place Canadians knew more of the indigenous story.   

Actually, it started back even further than that.   I remember my mom and aunts telling funny stories of their childhood while my kids and I sat in wide eyed wonder, soaking it all in, sharing their laughter as they told of crazy things -  like my mom putting a mean girl's ponytail into the inkwell on mom's desk so that when the mean girl  flipped her long thick pony tail around to irritate mom, ink was spread all over the mean girl's page and desk.  Such stories had us rolling on the floor in stitches, but were also a good history lesson to kids who had never even heard of inkwells before.

Stories endear us to one another.  The open the closed door of history and whet our appetites for experiences foreign to our knowledge and senses.  Stories shape our perspective of the world and what it once was or what it can become.   Stories give us a sense of who we are and where we in the timeline of history.  We either identify/empathize with a story, or we scratch our heads in puzzlement and look for more details.  

What are the stories that you'd like to hear?  From your grandparents or from some obscure moment in the past?   Or are you a futuristic, Sci-Fi sort who looks ahead rather than behind?  Or a bit of both maybe?

At Story Song, we want to hear your stories and we are here to help you develop them into something that can commemorate a special person, occasion or history lesson.   Let us know how we can help you preserve, inspire, learn or celebrate through the magic of stories and songs.

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