1. Spirit Way

This song came out of a dream in which many ethnic groups were gathered around one fire, dancing and worshiping Creator. The dream came after reading some of the works of the late Richard Twiss from the Sicangu Lakota Oyate.


You are the Great Spirit
Creator, Waymaker
Jesus, the Truth Sayer
Lead us in the way!

You are the Joy Giver
And You're My Soul Center
The Covenant Keeper
Keep us in the way!

One God, one Lord, one Christ
One Father uniting our tribes
One fire that burns with many flames
Keep us in, keep us in, keep us in the
Spirit way
Keep us in, keep us in, keep us in the Jesus way! Heyah, heyah, heyah Hey!

Fierce as lions roaring
You're the eagle soaring
Earth, sky and the oceans
Underneath Your wings

You are Heaven's Wisdom
Holding earth's foundation
Sovereignty of Nations
Let Your kingdom come!